How to suppress log warnings for disabled data source


Hello Team,

Recently we have removed one of the majorly used Datasource in our Confluence instance. The DS was configured in server.xml and on the day when the access to this database was revoked, we started seeing multiple error messages in Confluence related to database connectivity which affected application performance.
In order to get rid of these error messages, we commented the DS definition from server.xml but now the logs are flooded with error messages like below:

The complete error snippet is attached in the document but since the stack trace of the error is very long, it is filling up the log files at a rapid pace.

[http-nio-8091-exec-101] [swift.confluence.sql.SqlDataHelper] getDatabaseConnectionFromDatasource Data source <DS Name> not found {}

– url: /pages/viewpage.action | page: <pageid>| traceId: 5ecc2cc3cc0e82de | userName: anonymous | referer: https://Confluence-URL/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=<pageid>| action: viewpage
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name <DS Name> is not bound in this Context. Unable to find <DS Name>

Please let us know how to suppress these errors from the logs and safely disable the DS using this macro.

Confluence version: 6.6.4 standalone instance.
SQL Plugin version: 9.0.1

Let us know in case of any questions.

Best Regards,
Gaurav Tapadkar




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