CPU spike caused by Advanced Table macro


Hello Team,

We are seeing some issues with "Attachment Table" macro from Advanced Table plugin in Confluence.

Confluence version: 6.6.4 Server installation.
Advanced Tables macro version: 7.5.0

One of the page on our Confluence site contains an "Attachment Macro" and based on the configuration of this macro, it was taking long time to load. When multiple calls were made to open the same page, the Confluence CPU spiked (about 80-90%) and the HTTP calls made to the page were hung.

The space is one of the largest space and has about 19.5K attachments (14.5K current). And the macro is configured to perform search using regular expression to check a string pattern in the attachment title.

We had to manually kill the threads to bring Confluence back to normal but eventually it had to be restarted as JVM stopped responding. When the threads were stuck, we managed to get few set of thread dumps and attached them in the ticket but we could not get the heap dump. Java process also stopped responding and thread dumps stopped generating.

I have attached few screenshots of configuration of the macro, thread dumps, screenshot of stuck threads from our monitoring (ignore the _duplicate in the calls) for your review.

In our lower environment, we upgraded the plugin to latest 8.1 version but the same issue is still occurring there even after that.

Due to security reasons, we cannot share the Application logs at this point.

Please check the issue based on the provided information and let us know if you have any questions.




Jeff Pierce (Appfire)


Gaurav Tapadkar



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