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26 Feb 2012


This release focused on expanding JIRA support, cross product improvements, and covering new product releases, especially JIRA 5.0. This is a simultaneous release of all CLI clients except for the Crowd CLI - see note. The Atlassian CLI distribution contains all CLI clients (except Crowd) plus the atlassian script and additional examples and help text shipped with the distribution.


The Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) supports a large range of product releases. The matrix below provides compatibility guidelines based on testing, API compatibility information provided in Atlassian, and community feedback. User's are encourage to help improve compatibility information through discussions and issues. The CLI also works with releases not officially listed here since in many cases it uses remote APIs provided by Atlassian that have been stable for many years. Check previous versions of the CLI for coverage of earlier releases. Users should verify their usage scenarios on new releases. Support normally is limited to minimum releases indicated. Client requires Java 1.6 (recommended) or above. Testing is only done on Java 1.6. In some cases, new actions are only available on against later versions of the server - these are usually noted in the documentation.

Product Releases Tested releases

3.1 - 3.5 and 4.0 - 4.1 (Note 1)

3.4.0, 3.5.13, 4.1.0

4.0 - 4.4 (Note 2 and 3) and 5.0

4.3.3, 4.4.4, 5.0.0

3.2 - 3.4 (Note 4 and 5)

3.3.2, 3.4.0

2.2 - 2.7

2.6.3, 2.7.10

2.2 - 2.7

2.6.3, 2.7.10


  1. Confluence 4.1 introduced an incompatibility for adding comments - CONF-24194 (fixed in 4.1.3)
  2. Some of the newer JIRA CLI actions and other improvements are based on JIRA new REST apis. These APIs started being available with JIRA 4.2 and were significantly enhanced in JIRA 4.3 and later. Attempts to use these actions prior to the supporting JIRA release will result in appropriate error messages. Existing functions will still work on releases prior to 4.3, but releases earlier than 4.3 will no longer be automatically tested.
  3. JIRA 4.4 incompatibility bug regarding some custom field handling - see JRA-25034 and JRA-25732. JIRA 4.4.5 or higher is recommend if you plan to use JIRA 4.4.x
  4. Bamboo 3.3 or higher is required for action dealing with tasks
  5. Bamboo 3.4 is recommended for artifact handling due to BAM-9990

Highlights of Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) 2.5

JIRA Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

  1. runFromIssueList action - making it easier to run multiple operations based on a JQL query
  2. JIRA 5.0 support
  3. Labels field handling for JIRA 4.3 and above
  4. Time tracking fields
  5. Resolution field



Common Improvements

  1. Data from standard input for more actions
  2. --quite option available on more actions
  3. Improvements for the Run CLI Actions in Confluence add-on



Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements


T Key Summary Reporter Assignee P Status
Bug CSOAP-120 Deleting News with removeContent yields java.lang.ClassCastException Lukas Karrer Bob Swift Major Closed

Run CLI Actions in Confluence add-on

More details are available on the add-on page - Run CLI Actions in Confluence

  1. Updated to 2.5.0 CLI level
  2. include-remote macro - beta

Release strategy

2.4.0 was the first release of this add-on. It is planned to concurrently release this add-on with each new release of the Atlassian CLI.

Open Issues

T Key Summary Reporter Assignee P Status
Support Request JCLI-632 unable to locate service pchamoli Bob Swift Major Triage
Improvement JCLI-631 Workflow actions Bob Swift Bob Swift Major Quality Review
Sub-task CSOAP-388 There are still missing characters Tomasz Jaśkiewicz Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement ACLI-222 Some clients authorization failed messages need improvement. Bob Swift Bob Swift Major In Progress
Improvement ACLI-221 Provide environment variable support for user and password Bob Swift Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement CSOAP-334 Hide the password when scripting CLI usage John Bartelt Bob Swift Minor Open
New Feature ACLI-124 Provide a method to access variables from a wrapper script Donald Parker Bob Swift Minor Open
Improvement CSOAP-387 Would like updateUser action to change user properties Bart Geens Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement CSOAP-371 copyPage with descendents - need find and replace on titles Matthieu Nantern Bob Swift Major Open
Bug JCLI-514 creating sub-task issues with custom fields fails Roger Spencer Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement JCLI-579 Add action to re-index JIRA Bob Swift Bob Swift Major Open
Bug CSOAP-296 "copyPageChildren" to same space does not seem to work Ionut Bob Swift Major Open
Bug CSOAP-299 problems importing Markdown URLs that include query parameters O'Shaughnessy Evans Bob Swift Blocker Reopened
Improvement JCLI-622 Need ability to share filters created by createFilter Richard, Woo Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement CSOAP-205 CLI CopySpace does not preserve custom page order in space Stanislav Kalianov Bob Swift Critical Open
Improvement CSOAP-377 remove space permissions for group that has been deleted Werner Dreier Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement JCLI-614 Specify HipChat room on create project Shannon Pence Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement JCLI-615 Clone issue should copy links to Confluence pages Bob Swift Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement BCLI-57 Replace legacy support with JSON and providing CSV list output Bob Swift Bob Swift Major Open
Improvement BCLI-45 Provide CSV output for getBuildList and similar Bob Swift Bob Swift Major Open
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Crowd temporarily discontinued


Crowd CLI removed from distribution

Crowd Command Line Interface (CLI) has been temporarily suspended from further development until the APIs are improved. As previously noted, Atlassian completely removed the Crowd remote APIs used for the CLI (sad) starting with Crowd 2.1. New replacement APIs do not cover most of the existing functionality. Atlassian is currently targeting application use cases and not automation capabilities for the Crowd APIs. It will be a while to sort out how the Crowd CLI moves forward, until then, the Crowd CLI has been removed from the distribution.

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