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CLI Plugin for JIRA

  • Bringing ACLI capabilities to JIRA workflow

CLI Plugin for Confluence

  • Bringing ACLI capabilities to Confluence pages

CLI Plugin for Bamboo

  • Bringing ACLI capabilities to Bamboo builds

CLI Plugin for Stash

  • Bringing ACLI capabilities to Stash commits




This add-on provides a command line interface (CLI) client for remotely accessing Atlassian products. CLIs are a convenient way to automate administration tasks and content, such as build and test automation or other business processes. This client tool runs on a PC or other system and can access any number of local or remote Atlassian products like Confluence, JIRA, Bamboo, Stash, Crucible, and FishEye. The CLI client can be used directly with your installation. For each product, it is functionally equivalent to the individual product at the same release level.

This is the preferred distribution. It provides a convenient single installation to access all of your Atlassian products.

The following product specific clients are included in this distribution:


  • Bundled package of all product specific CLIs
  • Standard interfaces across product specific CLIs
  • Consistent error handling
  • Value added capabilities over and above product provided remote APIs
  • List actions support CSV output
  • Minimize script writing using a variety of run actions, such as runrunFromSqlrunFromCsv, runFromList, and product specific runFrom actions


A commercial license is required for version 3.0 or higher. See Atlassian CLI license for more information

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