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To use a CLI client with a specific server, the server must have the CLI Connector component installed and validly licensed.

Install the clientSee CLI Client Installation and Use

Install the CLI connector to use CLI clients.

Install Run CLI Actions to use application specific functions like:

This needs to be done by an application instance administrator.

Product Installation

Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons use Atlassian installation and licensing support. Using the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM) provides general information on finding and installing add-ons. Here is a brief outline for installing Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons on Atlassian server products. There will be some differences depending on the Atlassian server version and UPM version. This section is geared to new product installs. If you are upgrading, see Atlassian's Updating add-ons. Note that HipChat add-ons are not covered by these instructions as HipChat does not use the UPM.

How to Resolve Installation Problems

The following guide can help resolve many common installation problems:

JIRA configuration(For JIRA 6.x and earlier only) Go to Administration → General Configuration and ensure Accept remote API calls is ON
Confluence configurationGo to Administration -> Further Configuration and ensure Remote API (XML-RPC & SOAP) is checked

If you are encountering problems while using a CLI client, you may find some of the suggestions for Problem Determination helpful.

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