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  • Download the distribution zip from the Marketplace 
  • Unzip the distribution package and put the enclosed directory in a convenient location
  • Ensure the Remote API capability is enabled for any product you wish to access with the client. This varies by product and is usually only required for SOAP based APIs.
  • It is recommended that you open the atlassian bat or .sh file with an editor and customize it for your environment by adding serveruser, and password parameters.


  • On a command line, cd to the directory where you installed the client
  • On Windows
    • Run atlassian (or the product specific) bat file
  • On Linux, Mac, or Unix
    • Run (or the product specific) .sh file
  • On any system supporting JAVA
    • Run java -jar lib/<product>-cli-3.x.x.jar
  • This will show help text for the command line interface client
  • The client defaults to use a user of automation. Either add this user with all the authorities required to do the actions you want or specify a different user parameter
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