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Source is hosted at BitBucket in the GINT project. All source and downloads are available there.

Maven repository

Atlassian is no longer providing a Maven host repository for developers. Release 1.8.2 was the last release available from the Atlassian repository, no further releases can be added. The repository will remain available (read only) for some time so older releases will still be available. If you need to put the jar file in a local Maven repository (for grape access for example), then do the following:

Download from Bitbucket using the links from below:
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=gint-2.x.x.jar -DgroupId=org.swift.tools -DartifactId=gint -Dversion=2.x.x -Dpackaging=jar

Production Releases

Release 2.6.0

Release 2.5.0

Release 2.4.0

Release 2.3.0

Release 2.2.0

Release 2.1.0

Release 2.0.0

V1 Releases

Early Access Program (EAP)

Release 2.7.0-SNAPSHOT

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