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This add-on enables you to display results from an SQL query. Data from one or more result sets are formatted and typically displayed as a table. This enables dynamic data to be easily displayed on pages together with documentation and other data. Confluence now becomes a reporting and business intelligence tool that is integrated with your other collaborative data. Multiple SQL statements, semi-colon separated, can be specified within a single sql macro body depending on what is supported by the specific database being used.


  1. Supports JDBC compliant databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.
  2. Multiple data sources can be accessed. Either application server defined or directly defined data sources can be accessed.
  3. Supports Common Table Capabilities, such as advanced sorting, row highlighting, and column totals and styles.
  4. Compatible with the Chart macro to create charts from the SQL results.
  5. Enabled for Macro Security for Confluence to control use. Datasource specific restrictions provide flexibility.
  6. Advanced logging support assists administrators with usage and problem determination.
  7. Configuration options assist administrators with protecting against poor SQL use.


See Editions for more details.

SQL Pro Edition

  • More Features
  • Added Convenience
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Faster Performance


SQL Express Edition

  • Powerful, yet cost effective
  • Option for $10/10 users


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User's Guide


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