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A number of macros that produce or modify tables share common capabilities as described below. A JavaScript enabled browser is required to enable most of these capabilities.


  • Column sorting - sort a column by clicking on column heading. Clicking again will reverse the order. 
  • Data specific sorting - see the columnTypes parameter
  • Column selection - hide columns
  • Auto sort of selected column
  • Auto numbering of rows - ability to automatically add a leading column with the data row count.
  • Auto totaling of numeric columns
  • Row highlighting on mouseover - the row is highlighted when mouse goes over any row element for non-heading rows
  • Row styles - ability to set CSS at the row level
  • Column styles - ability to set CSS at the column level
  • Column attributes - ability to set the display attributes (color, font) on a column basis
  • Table attributes - set table class, table style, and row styles - See Styling Table Columns

Macros that include this support

Common parameters

The following parameters are part of our common table capabilities that are available to many macros that produce or modify tables.

(info) Click a column heading to toggle the sorting of that column.

Date sorting


|columnAttributes=style="text-align:center;", ,style="background:yellow; font-size:14pt;"}
|| Name || Phone || TCP ||
| John | 555-1234 | |
| Mary Lou | 555-2134 | |
| Bob | 555-4527 | |

which renders as:




Styling guide

Table styling can be done utilizing the common table capabilities of several Bob Swift Atlassian add-ons including Advanced Tables for Confluence, SQL for Confluence, and others.

For creative inspiration when styling your own Confluence Tables (including live examples) visit our Styling Guide for Tables.



  1. it would be great if you could add 2 more features:

    • allow to specify the background color for individual cells, not just the whole column
    • merged cells (col span)

    These are the most requested features to be added to Confluence tables.

    (I guess it would be hard to implement while staying backwards compatible with the existing Confluence 3.x table format)

    1. Please create separate issues for new request you have. Improvements get looked at each time a new release is being worked on.

  2. Hi,

    Highlighting of table rows (on mouse-over) does not work when the Documentation Theme is in use. Seems to be a CSS conflict or similiar. In all other themes it does work fine, just it doesn't in the Documentation Theme which is by incident my favorite theme..... Hi Mr Murphy....

    Issue found using Firefox and MS-IE. Our Confluence version is 3.5.9

    Any way to fix this issue?

    1. I don't see a problem on this page which uses the documentation theme: Groovy Tasks for Bamboo. Please narrow down the problem and create an issue if necessary.

      1. Hi Bob, I copied your small {csv} piece from your page and tried it on my server. Same behavior. Can turn issue on and off by changing the Theme.

        What do you suggest to try to narrow down the problem?

        I checked our stylesheet. The only customization on its CSS are #header and #breadcrump. Can't imagine that this influences the rendering of tables.

      2. I hacked a bit and found that the mouseover and mouseout event-handlers are working fine. Problem seems to be with <TR bgcolor>.

        I narrowed the problem down to com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.doctheme:documentation/splitter.css.

        As soon as this css is imported, the problem appears.

        splitter.css sets

        body, p, td, table, tr, .bodytext, .stepfield, .wiki-content p, .panelContent, .wiki-content a{
                color: #000;
                background: #fff;

        I'm not an css expert. Is this related to the observed behavior? I think at some point the color specified by splitter.css overrides the colors set by your javascript.

        1. I think I found the offending line in splitter.css:

          body, p, td, table, tr, .bodytext, .stepfield, .wiki-content p, .panelContent{
              color: #333;

          If I remove the line "background:none;", the row highlighting works.

          I'm trying to find a quick solution without waiting for you to fix the plugin.

          Since the splitter.css is in a jar file which I don't want to modify and rebuild, is there a way to overwrite this in the space's style sheet? (Space admin menu?)

          What would the the correct syntax to make this happen?  Any side effects to expect by doing so?

  3. Is their a way to apply a style to an individual cell?

    1. No, not really. It is by column and row. However, for individual entries, you can probably use some other macros like from Content Formatting Macros.