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This User's Guide covers features and functions that are available within the Advanced Tables for Confluence add-on. 

For additional information on administering this add-on, please refer to the Administrator's Guide.




CSV macro

Table Plus macro

Attachment Table macro

JSON Table macro


  1. Any word on when the plugin will be updated for Confluence 3.1 to allow Rich Text editing of tables inside the table-plus macro?

    1. Follow TBL-66. Andreas has provided a patch and I hope to get official release in weeks (not days and not months (smile))

  2. Unknown User (dave maheshwari)

    Thanks for the plugin

  3. Is there any plan to add lineattributes ? (like a bgcolor for example)

    1. Short term no, longer term, yes. Please write up an issue that describes what specifically you would like to see. Note that you can use other macros within a table's columns to support things bgcolor.

  4. What do I need to apply to get this + to expand a row as you have this applied in above release history?

    1. Release history on this page is another macro, not a table plugin macro.

      1. Thanks Bob, do you now what table macro or other macro I do need to use to get the function to expand a row?

  5. I know you can choose one column to sort by default, but can you sort two columns?

    For example, I want to sort the table by column 1, then by column 2.

    So, this ...











    Would become this ...











    1. Do you mean to sort 2 columns by default (on initial show)? No, please create an issue for that. Otherwise it does try to preserve previous ordering when a new column order is requested.

      1. I have added this an Improvement. See TBL-96.

  6. Issues when using {table-plus} with {excerpt} macro.
    I have added this info to this bug TBL-76.

    I'm trying to do this:

    1. Create a table with 2 columns. Column 1 has text, column 2 has {code}.
    2. Set the column widths at 20% and 80%.
    3. Include the table in the page {excerpt}.

    I can do 1 and 2.

    When I add the {excerpt} macro it doesn't work.

    If I take out the {code} macro it still doesn't work.

  7. Hello, I'm trying to get this plugin version 4.0 to work with Confluence 3.3.1.  3.3.1 is listed as compatible in the summary above but not in the compatibility chart on this page.  Can I confirm that this should work?

    1. Please open a support issue when it involves posting stack traces or other detail information. Plugin was last tested on Confluence 3.3.0. Plugin exchange release compatibility is automatic for point releases. Where did you get the jar file from? This ${atlassian.plugin.key}.CsvMacro indicates you do not have a proper distribution. Install from the plugin repository.

      1. Sorry for posting in the wrong place.  I'll try to re-download and install the jar.  Thanks.

  8. I just got aware that links to other pages in a table don't get updated if table-plus macro has been added to that table.

    Is this a bug, or does anyone now how to solve this?


      1. Hi,

        This Problem is a blocker for professional use of confluence. Your mentioned issue is open since March 2007! until now that seems to stay untouched may to the fact that is set to affect Version 2.6.1. Other duplicated issues have ben closed already but did not solve this problem..

        We do have now October 2010 and the problem still exist!!

        Must be something mayor that it is still a problem in 3.3. and I wonder really now why it seems that it does not get a priority higher than any other problem or update since this is a mayor feature of confluence compare to other wiki-solutions.

        You can imagine how frustrating such a malfunction is if you have to admin thousands of nested pages. I will check 3.4 next week, hope its gone.


  9. We are having an issues with the display format of Uptime on the admin/systeminfo.action page with this plugin enabled.
     - Normal view (plugin disabled): 2 days, 18 hours, 35 minutes, 16 seconds
     - Skewed view (plugin enabled): 2 , 18 , 35 , 16
    Has anyone else noticed this problem or have a fix for it?
    Environment: Confluence 3.4.9 - Windows Server 2008 R2 6.1 - Apache Tomcat/6.0.32 - 1.6.0_17 - 14.3-b01 - Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM - MySQL 5.1.51-community - com.mysql.jdbc.Driver - mysql-connector-java-5.1.11

  10. And as of upgrading DEV to v3.5, the Uptime is displayed correctly (even with the plugin enabled)

  11. When will this plugin be available for 3.5?

    1. It is available in plugin exchange (repository) for 3.5. I will update the table here too.

  12. Hi bob,

    I am using the table-plus macro, table has 5 columns: S,S,S,D,S the format for the date colum is dd/mm/yyyy, browser is FF 4.0, windows regional setting for dates is set as dd/mm/yyyy, but I can get to sort right by the fourth column, it is sorting as if they were strings. Any known issue about sorting date columns?

    Thank you.

    Adolfo Casari

    1. There have been various date issues, search in JIRA for that. If you don't figure it out from that, just open an issue with the specific markup showing the problem.

  13. Unknown User (peter james)

    Thanks for a great plugin - one of my favourites.

    Would it be possible to trap a user entering enableHighlighting with no parameter - as in {table-plus:enableHighlighting} rather than {table-plus:enableHighlighting=true}

    When this happens it pokes heaps of error text into the catalina.out log with no mention of the page that has caused the error.
    Tested using Confluence 3.2.1_1 and Table-plus 4.1.2



    1. I am not seeing that here. Please create an issue with more details.

  14. Advanced date sorting: which format should I use for date(time) values like "30-06-11 18:26"?


    1. this is european style which should be "dd-MM-yy HH:mm" – if this does not work you should follow the advice on this page titled "Advanced date sorting" or this link [date formats|http://www.javascripttoolbox.com/lib/date/documentation.php]

      1. Thank you Klaus,
        according to the documentation "dd-MM-yy HH:mm" should be correct, but I can't get it work. This is a simple test case that behaves incorrectly:

        {table-plus:sortIcon=true|sortColumn=2|sortDescending=true|columnTypes=S,D"dd-MM-yy HH:mm"}
        |D|31-07-11 22:17|
        |C|31-07-11 17:18|
        |B|01-07-11 14:36|
        |A|01-07-11 04:47|
        |E|01-08-11 22:23|
        1. Check out whether or not it behaves in a correct manner if your confluence its set to english – global and user. Your table should than be in MM-dd-yy format.

          I assume that it will work as I did test this earlier and my experience is, that it does not work properly if you use any other language than english. You have to follow above advice mentioned earlier to add a date.jar to your confluence as described which than handles foreign formats.

        2. Works fine here. Make sure you have date.js installed properly. If you still have problems, open an issue with more information.

  15. Hello Bob!

    A workmate just told me about a problem with a table.

    The table was a dictionary and looked like:

    {table-filter:userfilter=German, English}
    | Katze | cat |
    | Hund | dog |
    | Schlange | snake |
    | Pferd | horse |

    But by just adding some more rows at the bottom, now it looks like:

    {table-filter:userfilter=Deutsch, English}
    ||German||English|| Katze | cat || Hund | dog || Schlange | snake || Pferd | horse || Papagei | parrot |

    Somehow, all the line breaks have disappeared, resulting into a broken view of the table. The problem is that the table is way to big to fix that by hand. Do you know about this issue? I actually don't know if it's a problem of table-plus or table-filter.

    Best wishes,

    1. You are talking about the page wiki markup, neither of these macros change wiki markup. I suspect your user used the rich text editor which can mess up formatting. You can go into page history and revert to previous level and then re-add the new lines avoiding the RTE.

      1. Thanks for the quick answer!

        I also told her to revert to a previous version. Hm, strange anyway.

        But again, thanks!

  16. I would like to import csv/xls tables in confluence as confluence tables. Is this possible with this plugin?

    I tried it via the "Tools" -> "Doc import" dialogue after installing this plugin but it only would let me import Word documents.



    1. Add the file as attachment. For csv files, use csv macro pointing to the attachment. For xls files either use viewfile macro or the excel macro from Excel for Confluence pointing to the attachment.

      1. Ah great - thanks! I can't seem to get the syntax right. I tried:


        as well as


        as the attachemtn the the url "...41322056/data.csv". Did I miss something?


          1. If the attachment is on the same page:
          2. Otherwise, qualify the attachment by page name or space and page name:
          1. All worked. Thanks very much!

  17. If I install this jar file via the Plugin management interface in the admin interface it works fine.  However, if I uninstall it from there and put the jar file in webapps/confluence/WEB-INF/lib it throws an error during startup about:

    There was an error loading the descriptor 'csv' of plugin 'org.swift.confluence.table'. Disabling.
    com.atlassian.plugin.PluginParseException: Error retrieving dependency of class: org.swift.confluence.table.CsvMacro. Missing class: org/swift/confluence/scriptutil/ScriptMacro

    Where should I be putting this jar file for this to work.  I don't want to install it via the admin plugin interface.


    1. See installation at top of page. Most plugins cannot be installed by copying into WEB-INF.

  18. Ahh, thanks Bob.  I didn't see that section before.  What does it mean by "Confluence Repository"?  I'm assuming that is different than installing it via the plugin manager/admin console.  Is there no other way to install this plugin other than via an admin interface?  We create our own RPM of Confluence with modifications/plugins, so I need to be able to include this plugin via the RPM and install it on the filesystem.

    1. Old name for UPM. Confluence needs to load it so that all the dependent jars contained in it are loaded properly - this is standard plugin stuff. Not sure off hand - consult Confluence developer documentation on how to place them prior to restart to get them loaded. One of the plugin directories in home directory I think.

  19. I am using the autonumber feature in a table. When I export the page to Wordf with Scroll Office , the numbers are not shown in the Word document though.

    Can this be fixed?

    Thank you.

    1. Autonumber is a javascript function. I don't know how export works wrt javascript.

  20. I'm unable to get this macro to work properly in confluence 4.0. Everytime i reference the table-plus markup, it makes my toc disappear and i get the following error:

    Error rendering macro 'toc' : null

    The table also doesn't hightlight or sort. I just get the standard table view. I'm using the macro with a basic query:

    {table-plus:autoNumber=true|enableSorting=true|sortIcon=true|enableHighlighting=true}{sql:dataSource=test_database|id=content}select *from example_table{sql}{table-plus}

    The query runs fine and the results return, but the table is not enhanced.

    Also, this macro doesn't show up in the macro browser. I have to manually add it via the wiki markup macro.

    1. Open an issue with markup and version details. Also, see the news item at top of page regarding conf 4 support.

  21. I would like to create a page containing a table that is a subset of columns from a table in another page. How can I do?


    new page with extract









    existing page with source table













    Thank you.

    1. Use the hidden (H) attribute on the columnTypes parameter with the table-plus macro. Use the include macro to bring in the other page.

  22. Hi, I'm trying to add alternating row colors similar to the "columnAttributes" attribute... Is there a "rowAttributes" attribute I can define? I tried the following without success:

    {table-plus:rowAttributes=,style="background:DeepSkyBlue;",style="background:LimeGreen;",style="background:LOrange;",style="background:OrangeRed ;"|enableSorting=false}

    Thanks for your help and this great plugin.

    1. No. Check the issues to see if someone else requested that and if not open a new issue.

  23. Do you happen to have a road map or timeline for full support of tables-plus in 4.x?  I currently have an installation that uses this macro with many 100+ line tables (with cells being multi line) and in the current state it is less than enjoyable to have to edit any of these tables.

  24. Hi

    Can this plugin be applicable to a existing table?

    What i would like is to sort table by name, and if possible liek in excel that table 

    generates automatically each row as a number

    tnx for help

  25. let say i have a teble





    Contact Number






    Osječko baranjska županija







    Osječko baranjska županija



    Treba kontaktirati vezano uz projekt



    PPK Danko

    Osječko baranjska županija






    Osatki d.o.o.

    Osječko baranjska županija







    Osječko baranjska županija







    Osječko baranjska županija


    An d want that the number for each row is generated automaticali

    what do I need to do?

    Please help

  26. Hi there.  We have Confluence version 4.1.2.  Any ETA on when we will be able to use TablePlus with our version?  Many thanks.

    1. No, but you can continue to use the support in compatibility mode - see the compatibility blog link at the top of the page.

  27. Hi bob,

    I am using table-plus macro in a table (created with the reporting plugin) that has a colum that contain cells that are themselfs a table. This table is created by a user macro. When I use table-plus macro I get a shaded column inside every cell from that column on the left side of the cell. If I omit the table-plus macro that shaded column goes away.

    This shaded column has the same style as the first column produced with the option autonumber (although there is no number displayed).

    Any suggestion to avoid this shaded column?

      1. I know an odd behavior that a structure of  reporting plug-in table-plus and other macros causes cells or rows to appear colored.

        You could use fire-bug to check this cell for its attributes and to figure out what causes that behavior that you get.

        If you find the code that is applied you could figure out what code you need to change or what workaround might help to get rid of it.

        Sometimes I use css with style macro to override it. 

        1. Thank you.

          The code is:

          <th align="right" class="confluenceTh"></th>

          but I don't know how to change this wthout affecting the outermost table that has the row numbes and use the same class.

            1. Are you refering to a CSS option?

              Can give an example?

              Thank you.

              1. No, a table-plus parameter that prevents table-plus processing of the embedded tables.

                1. Issue closed!

                  Thank you.

  28. Unknown User (dochocin)

    Is it possible to center the text in the table cells without using table-plus?  I am populating the table with the results of a sql-query, and would like to center the text within the cells. 

    1. SQL has all the common table parameters, so you do not need table plus. Either use a style for that column (first choice) or use center macro around the text.

      1. Unknown User (dochocin)

        I guess this is more of a question about the sql-query macro. 

        Here's what I am using

        sql-query:dataSource=RxIT1023722241MySQL|columnLabel=true|output=wiki}select "Overall Total" as "Progress",
        ifnull(round(sum(orig_estimate)/3600,0), 0) as "Total Estimated Effort",  ifnull(round(sum(time_spent)/3600, 0), 0) as "Total Actual Effort",
        ifnull(round((sum(time_spent)/sum(orig_estimate) * 100), 0), 0) as "% Complete"
        from rxit_metrics.rxit_dashboard
        where project_link = '$project'

        The data is being either left or right justified in the table rendered on the page.  I'd like to center the data within each cell.  What parameter should I be using?

          1. Unknown User (dochocin)

            Thanks for the example, but I'm still struggling to get this option to work. 

            I have essentially copied your syntax and layered it on top of my sql-query, but still can't get the text to be centered...I have pasted my example, any ideas what I am doing wrong?  I really appreciate the help.

            \|columnAttributes=style="text-align:center;", ,style="background:yellow; font-size:14pt;"}
            select "Overall Total" as "Progress",
            ifnull(round(sum(orig_estimate)/3600,0), 0) as "Total Estimated Effort",&nbsp; ifnull(round(sum(time_spent)/3600, 0), 0) as "Total Actual Effort",
            ifnull(round((sum(time_spent)/sum(orig_estimate) * 100), 0), 0) as "% Complete"
            from rxit_metrics.rxit_dashboard
            where project_link = '$project '
            1. {sql-query:...|columnAttributes=style="text-align:center;"}
              1. Unknown User (dochocin)

                I used that syntax, but it doesn't appear to have had any effect...Still seeing the data in the table right-justified.

                select "Overall Total" as "Progress",
                ifnull(round(sum(orig_estimate)/3600,0), 0) as "Total Estimated Effort",&nbsp; ifnull(round(sum(time_spent)/3600, 0), 0) as "Total Actual Effort",
                ifnull(round((sum(time_spent)/sum(orig_estimate) * 100), 0), 0) as "% Complete"
                from rxit_metrics.rxit_dashboard
                where project_link = '$project'
                  1. Your style is only going to affect the first column. The style needs to be set for the other columns if that is what you want.
                  2. Try different browsers and see if there is a difference - what browser are you using?
                  1. Unknown User (dochocin)

                    I do see it center-justified now.  The first column in my above example was just so long that center-ing it just didn't make a difference.  I switched the order of the columns, and saw the difference. 

                    I do need this same "style" for all of the columns returned.  Any ideas on how I would apply this same style to the others?

                    FYI, I've tried IE, Firefox and Chrome...all seem to return the same result.

                    1. It is a comma separated list of attributes (1 for each column), so something like:

                      1. Unknown User (dochocin)

                        Works perfectly...Thank you for all your help.

  29. Hi all,

    is it possible the get a white coloured additional autoNumber column? The default colour is grey.



    1. No. Consider creating an enhancement request.

  30. Unknown User (sanetm)

    Is it possible to globally disable column sorting for the table-plus macro? We want to turn on sorting only when we want it.

    1. No, you must use the enableSorting parameter to turn it off on an individual macro basis.

      enableSorting - Set enableSorting=false to prevent sorting

      1. Unknown User (sanetm)

  31. I have confluence 4.3.3 and using latest table-plus plugins, it's not working showing me plan text

    however csv plugin is working fine. Any idea?

  32. You are using the macro browser right? Double check what you are doing and if you still have problems, open an issue and provide more details.

    1. Yes I am doing macro browser, I have use the same example here doesn't work either

      Will be helpful if you can direct to proper documentation 

      1. That example is wiki markup, which means you insert it using Insert -> Wiki Markup. Otherwise, let macro browser prompting to add a table-plus macro, then you add a table to the body.