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We Encourage Community Discussions, Contributions, and Ideas

Over the years, many of you have contributed greatly to our products with good questions, helping others with your experiences, and other contributions. There are many forums for this dialog including creating issues in our JIRA instance, asking questions in Atlassian Answers, and commenting on Confluence pages here in our wiki.

Enter Confluence Questions

In the last few months, we have added our own question and answer forum which is based on the Atlassian product known as Confluence Questions. Many of you have already started using this! To participate in this excellent knowledge sharing tool, particularly for "how to" types of questions, just click the "Questions" link in the top menu bar:

Tips for using Confluence Questions is a how-to for our site's use of Confluence Questions.

Note that we will continue to encourage the creation of JIRA issues as well for making support requests or reporting bugs, especially where more detail needs to be provided. During our transition to Confluence Questions we will also continue to monitor Atlassian Answers and respond where necessary.

A Farewell to Comments

With Confluence Questions now in place and serving as a central platform for community discussions, contributions, and ideas, we are turning off the ability for users to leave comments on individual wiki pages. We are very excited about this improvement as Questions provides a much better and more trackable solution.

As part of this change, please note that at the end of each wiki page there are now 3 buttons available in place of adding comments:

Here's a quick summary of all the changes that have been applied:

  • Confluence Questions for this site is now active!
  • A set of relevant topics has been loaded into Confluence Questions to facilitate searching.
  • A how-to page has been added to help with using Confluence Questions - see Tips for using Confluence Questions.
  • Users can no longer add comments to a page or blog post, and should instead leverage the new Confluence Questions platform.
  • Buttons have been added to the bottom of every wiki page to search for answers, ask questions, and create support requests.
  • Existing comments will be temporarily retained within their existing pages for a period of time as part of the transition.
  • During the transition, knowledge previously shared via existing comments will be rolled into either Confluence Questions or into our core product documentation (as part of the revamping of our documentation). Comments will be removed once that is done.

We hope you will find this a significant improvement in our community sharing and documentation efforts.