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On May 29, 2017, we have turned on Atlassian Accounts (sometimes called Atlassian Id) for this Confluence and JIRA site. This will make it significantly easier for users to manage their access to the site by using their single Atlassian account instead of a site specific account.There should be little to no negative impact for site users. Users with an Atlassian account already associated with their email address will automatically get access. Users without an Atlassian account associated with their site account email address will be guided through the Atlassian account setup process on their next login. Contact Atlassian support if you experience any difficulties with Atlassian accounts.


A few user accounts (< 1%) were exception that required some alterations.

  1. Users with invalid email addresses - 3 accounts were deleted as there was no way to contact these individuals. Such users simply need to go through the new user process to associate or create an Atlassian account.
  2. Multiple accounts with the same email account - only 1 account can be associated with an email address using Atlassian accounts. In most cases, one of the accounts was usually unused. We remove extra accounts and transferred any issues registered under the removed account to the remaining existing account. 
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