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Bitbucket Server Release Support

Support policy

  1. License must have a non-expired maintenance window.
  2. Add-on version must be used with compatible host server version as indicated in the Marketplace listing.
  3. The latest add-on version compatible with the host server version is supported. You will be asked to upgrade to the latest add-on level for problem determination and fixes in most cases.
  4. Host server version support is indicated in table above. General rule is to support at least the last 3 current host server versions. Limited support may be available for earlier versions up to their end of life (EOL) following Atlassian Support End of Life Policy
  5. A version, in our terminology, means a release indicated by x.y (like 4.1). Minor/maintenance versions (like 4.1.1) are not counted.



(warning)Limited Support
(error)Not Supported



Bitbucket Supported Platforms (Atlassian)

Atlassian Support End of Life Policy