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Confluence Release Support

Confluence Data Center

Atlassian announced Confluence Data Center as part of the Confluence 5.6 announce. All add-ons are tested on Confluence Data Center, usually on the most recent released version of Confluence.

Confluence Questions

For Confluence Questions related support, the most recent compatible version of the Questions add-on is tested and supported.

Support policy

  1. License must have a non-expired maintenance window.
  2. Add-on version must be used with compatible host server version as indicated in the Marketplace listing.
  3. The latest add-on version compatible with the host server version is supported. You will be asked to upgrade to the latest add-on level for problem determination and fixes in most cases.
  4. Host server version support is indicated in table above. General rule is to support at least the last 3 current host server versions. Limited support may be available for earlier versions up to their end of life (EOL) following Atlassian Support End of Life Policy
  5. A version, in our terminology, means a release indicated by x.y (like 4.1). Minor/maintenance versions (like 4.1.1) are not counted.



(warning)Limited Support
(error)Not Supported



Confluence 4.3 Templates

Confluence 4.3 introduced an incompatibility by changing templates (global and space) to use the new editor and storage format instead of the previous wiki markup. A number of macros listed here provided a capability to bring in source (normally plain text or wiki markup) from templates. The capability to do this is for more advanced users like Confluence administrators (for global templates) and space administrators (for space templates). If this capability is being used on your site, beware of upgrading to Confluence 4.3 or later. Recent versions of plugins will provide mitigations for this usage but templates will at least need to be minimally changed to revert to existing behavior (sad). Alternatives like using attachments instead of templates will also resolve the problem.


  1. SQL-165 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  2. SCRP-126 - Getting issue details... STATUS

See How to deal with templates on Confluence 4.3 and later.

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