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Add-on Example

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{run:titleRun=Add labels|replace=space:zcli,labels:test}
--action runFromSql --continue
select '--action addLabels --labels "$labels" --space $space --title "' || title || '"' from content where spaceid in (select spaceid from spaces where spacekey = '$space')

CLI Documentation Links

Product, Reference, Examples
Atlassian, [ACLI:]
Confluence, [Confluence|CSOAP:Reference], [Confluence|CSOAP:Examples]   
JIRA, [JIRA|JCLI:Reference], [JIRA|JCLI:Examples]   
Bamboo, [Bamboo|BCLI:Reference], [Bamboo|BCLI:Examples] 
Stash, [Stash|SCLI:Reference], [Stash|SCLI:Examples]  
Crucible, [Crucible|CRUCLI:Reference], [Crucible|CRUCLI:Examples]   
FishEye, [FishEye|FCLI:Reference], [FishEye|FCLI:Examples]  
titleActions for various remote server instances
Any server instance supported by the Atlassian CLI can be accessed for running actions depending on having valid user credentials for the actions requested. This is the same as running the actions from a command line.
titleConfluence user id

The logged in Confluence user's password is NOT available for CLI actions. A valid password is required either provided directly or via profile support.


Profiles allow administrators to save commonly used parameter sets for easy maintenance. This is especially important for accessing servers including server addresses, user ids, and passwords. Furthermore, by putting user ids and passwords in profiles, the password cannot be seen by normal users, only administrators that have access to add-on configuration can view the configuration.

User's should consult with their Confluence administrator on definition and usage. Administrators should view Profiles and Security for more information.