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Default columns for single page attachmentsfile, size, creator, created, comment
Default columns for multiple page attachmentspage, file, size, creator, created, comment



rowStylesbackground:#f0f0f0;color:#222;font-size:14px;border-bottom:black 2px solid;border-top:black 2px solid;,
Column\\ Number, Column\\ Name, Column\\ Heading, Description
1, page, Page, Link to page the attachment is on
2, file, File, File link to download or view
3, size, Size, Size of attachment in bytes
4, creator, Creator, User link to who added the attachment
5, created, Created, When the attachment was added
6, comment, Comment, Descriptive comment about the attachment	
7, labels, Labels, Attachment labels
8, version, Version, Version number
9, type, Type, Type of attachment - simple name
10, mimetype, Mime Type, Technical mime type name
11, size2, Size, Size of attachment in KB or MB
12, modifier, Modifier, User link to who modified attachment properties
13, modified, Modified, When attachment properties were modified
14, id, Id, Confluence content id
15, space, Space, Key of the space containing the attachment	
16, spacename, Space, Name of the space containing the attachment
17, pagetitle, Page, Title of the page containing the attachment
18, filename, File, File name of the attachment (not a link)
19, thumbnail, Thumbnail, Thumbnail image when the attachment is an image
20, image, Image, Image when the attachment is an image
21, location, Location, Link to the location on the page attachments list for the attachment
22, properties, Properties, Link to the attachment properties display for the attachment