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One of our most important and largest releases ever!

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  • JIRA
    • Remote linking support
    • Support cloning subtask to different parent
    • copySubtask support on advanced cloning
    • Rename user now also available for Cloud
    • Activate and deactivate user now also available for Cloud
    • New comment actions like updateComment, runFromCommentList
    • getIssueList performance improvement
    • New getApplicationLinkList action
    • New and improved comment actions
    • Support clone subtask to new parent
    • More user defined variables for Run CLI Actions in JIRA
  • Confluence
    • Modernize attachment actions
      • Exploit REST APIs for improved performance for addAttachment
      • minor option to eliminate notifications on attachment upload automation
      • Support directory recursion on finding attachments to upload
    • Extended fields supported on getQuestionList
    • Date selection filtering on getQuestionList
  • Bamboo
    • Filter by plan status on getPlanList
    • New updatePlan and createOrUpdatePlan actions
  • Bitbucket
    • New getCommitList action with filtering options
    • Support @all project parameter on getRepositoryList
  • HipChat¬†
  • Common
  • Fixes