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titleNew License Terms for Version 4.0

The license and price model has changed for Version 4.0. See the FAQ section for more details. With this new model, we are pleased to offer two options for using CLI automation including a lower cost of entry for smaller companies.


Atlassian CLI Family of Tools describes the products that make up the Atlassian CLI (ACLI) family. This pages describes the licensing requirements and dependencies for using the products.


The Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) family of products are licensed commercially under the Bob Swift Atlassian Add-ons EULA.

  • Use requires the purchase or subscription of at least one of the products listed on Atlassian CLI Family of Tools
  • Customers should select the product or products that match their needs
  • At least one product must be purchased for each Atlassian server instance they need to connect to


Frequently asked questions regarding licensing and purchasing CLI products. If you have additional questions, click on the Questions link in the page header (sign in required - see Help).

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Why has the licensing changed for version 4?The version 3 licensing was confusing and subject to abuse. The version 4 licensing is more straightforward and aligned with Atlassian Marketplace standards (Atlassian paid). It will also provide the resources necessary to continue supporting and expanding the products in the future for the benefit of valid license holders.
Why do the ACLI clients now require a server add-on (CLI Connector) be installed?The Connector server add-on provides license enforcement and, in some cases, extended remote interfaces not available from the base Atlassian product.
Can ACLI clients be purchased separately?No. They are available for no-charge with the purchase of one or more of server or cloud add-ons. 
How can I evaluate the Atlassian CLI (ACLI) prior to purchase? 

Obtain a evaluation license for one of the server add-ons listed, install on server, and the download the ACLI distribution or product specific CLI distribution. See CLI Client Installation and Use for more information.

Do I have to install the server add-on in order to use the ACLI?Yes
Can ACLI be used to access a server that does not have the Connector add-on installed?No for clients. Yes for other Run CLI Action products, however, some extended capabilities may not be available without the CLI Connector installed and licensed.
Can I continue to use a version of ACLI prior to version 4?Yes. Versions prior to 4.0 can be used under the terms of the version specific license.
Do I need to purchase both the the CLI and Run CLI Action add-ons to use both the client and the product specific functions?No. Purchase of the Run CLI Action add-on includes the other. The installation of the Run CLI Action add-on automatically installs the CLI Connector.
Do I have to use the ACLI distribution if I only need JIRA access?No. Use the distribution that meets your needs. Each product distribution is considered part of the ACLI for licensing purposes.
If I am an official Atlassian Partner or Expert, can I get a special rate?Yes. Atlassian recognized partners and members of the Atlassian Experts program can use the ACLI free of charge for development, testing, or demonstration purposes. A purchased license is required when used to support hosted customers or other customer focused use. See Add-ons for Atlassian Experts for more details.
Is ACLI available for Cloud (OnDemand)?Yes. Purchase or trial a subscription corresponding to your product and user level for either JIRA or Confluence Cloud. Bamboo Cloud does not currently have a add-on - the Bamboo client can be used against a Bamboo Cloud instance without a purchase until further notice.
Do I need a license for a Atlassian server licensed as a developer/test system?

No for all servers except Crucible/FishEye.

  1. Any Atlassian paid add-on automatically provides a developer license associated with your production license. Go to, expand the add-on, and look for a link.
  2. We have purposefully allowed the CLI to work with developer licensed servers where the connector is installed but may not have a license. This is to make it easier for administrators and add-on developers.
  3. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide this same support for Crucible/FishEye at this time.
How many client users can I have?Unlimited. Any number of users can install clients and connect to a server. The requirement is that the server have the CLI Connector component installed and validly licensed.
Which server product should I choose?

The Run CLI Actions add-ons are recommended as they are a superset of capabilities. If you only need client access or you are looking for lowest cost, then the product specific client and server connector still provide powerful automation capabilities.

General License Information 

See Licenses.


  • The distributions ships binaries with various licenses (BSD, LGPL, and Apache)
  • Look in the license directory of the respective distribution for detailed license information

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