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If you no longer want to use the app and you still have pages using the app's macros, then to prevent errors on pages using the macros, remove the macros first. This page provides some tips on this.

Keep the app enabled and licensed until you have removed macro usage

If you already have disabled, uninstalled, or un-subscribed to the app, then you need to temporarily install or enable the app. You may need to do a "Try it free" if your license is invalid.

Uninstall or disable the app

Perform the following to uninstall the app:

  1. Navigate to  > Settings > ATLASSIAN MARKETPLACE > Manage apps.
  2. Locate the required app using search.
  3. Select the resulting app to view the respective details in an expanded pane.
  4. Click Uninstall. A confirmation dialog box is displayed.
  5. Click Uninstall app to confirm. A successful uninstall message is displayed once the app is uninstalled.

Optional: Select a reason and add comments in the What Happened dialog box, after uninstalling the app to provide feedback to the vendor.


You can use the Disable option instead of uninstalling the app. This sets the app to inactive and you can no more avail be inactive so the respective functionality becomes disabled and unavailable. You can activate the app back using the Enable option (which is visible only after you disable the app).