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  1. Log into your Confluence instance, and create a new page or click to edit an existing page.
  2. Insert the Advanced Table - Table Plus macro and insert a table inside the macro. For this example, consider the following table inside the macro:

  3. Edit the macro and go to Column Settings > Formatting > Cog wheel (Show column attributes as shown:
  4. Enter Update the attributes as required, underColumn attributes, and click Save settings

    Code Block
    For Left alignment use, style=text-align:left; 
    For Right alignment use, style=text-align:right;
     as needed under Column attributes, and click Save settings

  5. The output displays with data aligned to the left for the first 3 columns and the right for the last 3 columns. For the given example, the table is displayed as:

  • We recommend this to be tested in a non-production environment before
being implemented
  • implementing in the production.