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titleDeprecation notice (applicable for Markdown from a URL macro):

Please note that the URL user and URL password parameters are deprecated and will be removed on March 31, 2022. We recommend using profiles to access your data from remote locations.

This article discusses the recommended way of how URLs must be used in correlation with profiles in the Markdown from a URL macro. This page also contains more information about the URLs that can be given, the order used to process URLs, and finally, how URLs must be used with profiles in the macros.



Contact your Confluence administrator to know which profiles are available in your instance.

Click any of the links to know more:

URLs in macros


  • Here, the profile is to be linked with GitLab and the base URL of the application is taken automatically in the URL field. This URL is editable and can be changed according to your requirement.
  • In the given screenshot, an Access token is provided whereas the User and Password parameters are left empty. This is because the access token works almost like a direct link to the specified URL and thus, does not require user credentials. See the profile configuration documentation for more information about access tokens.
  • See the Additional links section for more information about profile creation.