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Release DatePending - Early Access Program - available for this pending release!2022-03-21



 Also available: ACLI docker image on Docker Hub. Docker Image for CLI has more information.

  • Improvements to the New ACLI Shell - a terminal app! This is the new look for the ACLI!
    • UI improvements including a status bar, themes, and coloring 
    • More dynamic prompting support
  • Jira, Jira Service Management, Agile, Desk, Tempo
    • New field configuration and screen configuration actions for Cloud
    • targetServer parameter support on copyAttachments action to easily copy attachments across servers
  • Confluence
    • Improved performance of addUserToGroup action for some use cases
  • Bitbucket Cloud
    • startPipeline and getPipeline improvements
    • New actions for pipeline cache management
    • New actions to add, remove, and list file in downloads area of a repository
    • New actions to add, remove, and get environments
    • New action to get authorized workspaces for a user
    • New run from actions for deployments and environments 
    • addVariables support from a property file 
  • General
    • New runFromPropertyFile actions
  • Internal maintenance and support improvements
  • Fixes