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This macro has all the same parameters as the the SQL Macro and  and behaves similarly in most cases. There are 2 two primary reasons for using sql-query:

  1. Some databases/JDBC drivers support readsupport read-only SQL statements. The sql-query macro will attempt attempts to use this support, if available. Otherwise, it behaves exactly like the sql macro. Read-only support means the database can optimize for read only statements to improve performance. For some databases (PostgreSQL for instance), the read-only aspect is enforced while others it is only a performance suggestion.
  2. Using Using CMSP, administrators can configure different restrictions for use of the sql and sql-query macros. This provides greater flexibility allowing more people access to query without having access for other SQL operations. For instance, administrators can create read-only data sources using database access controls and only grant access to those specific data sources. 


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Common SQL parameters - 8.x
Common SQL parameters - 8.x


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