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Display values from SQL statements on Confluence pages. Statements can range from read-only SELECT statements to Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements such as INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. 

Usage Parameters

NameRequiredDefault ValueMacro Browser LabelDescription
Data Sourcesource
(may be restricted)
Data Source NameSpecify the Data Source data source name. It represents an application server defined Data Source or Data Source Profile data source or data source profile defined by your administrator.

Output format

Determines how the output is formatted:

  • html - Generates HTML — Generates HTML from the result set data. Data is html HTML encoded unless encoding has been disabled.
  • wiki - Generates  — Generates and renders wiki markup from result set data. If the data might contain contains unintended wiki markup characters, set the escape parameter to the escape parameter as true.
  • xhtmlXHTML (Pro Edition) - Generates and renders XHTML from result set data. Data  Data is html HTML encoded unless encoding has been disabled (disableAntiXss).
  • unrenderedWiki (Pro Edition) - Generates wiki markup from result set data, similar to to wiki, without rendering. Wraps with a table-plus macro  macro suitable for copying to another system.

For more information on common SQL parameters, refer to Working with SQL parameters - 9.x.


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The SQL Macro macro has dozens of built-in parameters that you can explore and apply.