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The Bob Swift Create on Transition for JIRA add-on provides workflow transition post functions that can be configured to create issues or subtasks. Create can be conditioned on information from the original or parent issue. Multiple create on transition post functions can be used to create multiple issues. The create post function can also be associated with the create issue transition to automatically create issues or subtasks when an issue is created. This is a standard post function added and changed during workflow editing. Shares similar capabilities to CW which has update issues and other functions.




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Feature Video - Create on Transition
Feature Video - Create on Transition



Product Highlights

  1. Options include setting of fields:
    • Project
    • Issue type
    • Priority including using parent's priority
    • Reporterandassigneeincludingvarious selections based on parent values
    • Affected and fixed versions including various selections based on parent values
    • Components
    • Summary and description with substitution variables from parent fields including custom fields
    • Due date including using parent's due date and including due date offset - plus or minus number of days from setting
    • Original estimate
    • Copy list of custom fields from parent
    • Set custom fields
    • Set labels
    • Add a link
    • Set issue security level
    • Copy attachments from another issue
    • Set watchers
    • Add comment
  2. Create multiple issues or subtasks. For example, one for each fixed version for an issue or each user in a list of users.
  3. Prevent duplicate issue creation with JQL based conditioning.
  4. Conditioning allowing control over whether to create an issue or not based on information from the original issue or transition - How to condition the creation of issues.
  5. Substitution variables provide flexibility to customize the issue before creation.

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