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Table plus
Create a Coming soon page in Confluence. 

Add a CSV Macro to the page that references an attachment.

  • Output format: wiki
  • Location: ^coming-soon.csv
  • Columns: Space, Title, Modified, Created
  • Data augments: [%Space%:],[%Space%:%Title%]
  • Heading augments: Product, Release notes, Updated

Construct a getContentList action to find content on this site that represents a release in progress.

  • Requires CLI 3.8 or above



No Format
-a getContentList --file coming-soon.csv --search "title:""Release notes"" AND ""snapshot link"""
   --searchTypes pagelabelText:release_pending --regex "Release notesNotes \d+\.\d+" --searchTypes page --outputFormat 2 --dateFormat yyyy-MM-dd 
Add a Confluence CLI task to an existing or new Bamboo build.
Schedule the build to run as often as necessary.