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  1. Groovy test assertions - additional test assertions
  2. Groovy power asserts - makes it easy to debug failures
  3. Groovy test can fit into existing compile and run scenarios like Maven and Eclipse - this is more difficult for GINT tests
  4. Run test from a command line
  5. GINT makes it easy to run single tests, specific list of tests, groups of tests, or last failed
  6. GINT test run directly without any compile step improving test development turn-around time
  7. GINT testcases can be easily generated by code
    • Allows for finer grain testcases - one per assert
  8. GINT testcases are less verbose
  9. GINT has no dependencies on JUnit



Example runs

Wiki Markup
Command, Description
gant -f helperTest2.gant, Run all tests or last failed
gant -f helperTest2.gant separatedString, Run separatedString group of tests
gant -f helperTest2.gant listToSeparatedString getProcessName, Run both tests indicated
gant -f helperTest2.gant -Dmatch=quote, Run all quotedString tests   


This is a unit test for GINT helper functions included with the GINT source.