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Clone Plus for Jira provides advanced clone operations that allow you to clone an issue or multiple issues using customized clone operations. An administrator configures these clone operations for specific projects including how various fields function while cloning. As a project user, the enhanced clone operations provided by this app are available on the More menu when viewing an issue. A default install adds the Clone+ and Clone++ actions. However, your administrator may have customized your installation to select what clone operations are available for specific projects including how they are named and behave. The difference between Clone+ and Clone++ is the latter allows you to change the project and issue type of the clone. Both allow you to change other fields before the clone is created.


This guide provides usage details of the Clone Plus operations enabled by Clone Plus for Jira for customized cloning an issue. It also presents a few examples to help you explore various ways in which you can benefit from the app and use the app effectively.