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How to archive pages with dynamic content describes a technique for archiving pages and viewing them later. We extend that concept here by describing how to automate the collection of the archive.


  • A job scheduler or Bamboo


Table plus

Create pages as described in How to archive pages with dynamic content
Construct a request string with the appropriate parameters as described in How to link to a run page with parameters set

You will need a request parameter for each parameter you want to set explicitly.

You will also need the export request

Construct a Confluence Command Line Interface action string similar to:

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--action renderRequest --space Example --title "test" --requestParameters <your request string>

Get this working from a command line first!

Example taking the default parameters: --requestParameters run_1=export

Add the CLI action to your favorite job scheduler. I recommend Bamboo and then you can use BCLIP (smile)

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