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Table describing data source types:

Data Source TypePrimary BenefitKey AttributesExpress EditionPro Edition
Data source profilesConvenience
  • SQL for Confluence specific configuration
  • Convenience:
    • Configuration change in effect immediately
    • File system access not needed
  • Can reference application server defined data sources
  • Recommended for evaluation, testing, or short term scenarios
  • Medium or heavy use scenarios should also employ Cache for Confluence to improve page performance
Application server defined data sourcePerformance
  • Application server based configuration
  • Best performance by connection pooling or reuse
  • Requires Confluence restart after a configuration change
  • Recommended for long-term or heavy use scenarios


Over the years, we've grown the number of parameter and parameter options that you can flex within our SQL macros. Ideally, we want to provide our users with all the built-in capabilities from the database vendor their data sources are accessing. Knowing fully that some of these parameters can be sensitive, we also provide the ability for your administrator to control their usage. 

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