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If things are not working as expected, it can often be resolved by being careful with the configuration and looking at errors produced. Sometimes more detailed problem determination information may need to be sent in. 

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See configure data sources - 10.x

Initial steps

  1. Double check your configuration together with looking at various Tutorials
  2. Look through your server log for entries indicating a problem.
  3. If still a problem, open an issue with information on your configuration, Confluence, and add-on version.
  4. In most cases, that will be sufficient to resolve the issue. In some situation, more information may be needed. In more difficult cases, you may be instructed to collect debug information. These are the steps to follow. You will need access to the Confluence server log file. 

Look for lines in the server log with org.swift.confluence.sql

Steps to collect debug information

  1. Please read log SQL activity to enable logging.
  2. Run a test scenario and then look in the server log. Find the time period close to your test run time and look for entries including text: org.swift.confluence.sql
  3. Attach one of the following
    1. Cut and paste the entries into a comment (if small) or into a file and attach
    2. Zip of your server log - make sure it doesn't contain sensitive information
    3. Copy your server log and remove earlier entries or other information you may not want to share.

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SUPPORT:Get problem determination information
SUPPORT:Get problem determination information