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Table of Contents

Workflow functions

  1. CLI action (validator) - check information from a CLI action before allowing a transition
  2. CLI action (post-function) - run a CLI action after the transition has completed

Both share similar parameters and capabilities.

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Administrator authority is required to add or update workflow actions. This is required to use JCLIP

  1. Create a draft workflow
  2. Edit the workflow
  3. Find the workflow step
  4. Select Validators or Post Functions tab
  5. Select Add
  6. Find and select CLI action

Parameter input dialog

CLI action validators and post functions share the same parameters.

Table plus

Condition 1

Conditions determine whether or not the CLI action should be run.

  • In the case of validators, a failed condition will fail the validator
  • In the case of post functions, a failed condition will prevent the CLI action from being attempted

Value, regex pattern for matching, and pattern options.

See How to use pattern matching conditioning.

Condition 2Another condition. Both conditions must be successful to proceed to run the CLI action

Select the Atlassian product to be accessed

ActionProvide an action string valid for the product selected - same as what you would do from a command line
DataSome CLI actions can input data from standard input or using the file parameter and this allows the input data to be provided directly
  • When using the file parameter, specify to use standard input: file -
CLI find pattern 1A regex pattern that is used to find data on the result produced by running the CLI action
  • For a validator, if the pattern is not found, the validator will fail
  • Regex find groups are available as substitution variables using syntax like %pattern1%cli_pattern1_1%%pattern1%cli_pattern1_2%, etc ...
CLI find pattern 2A second regex pattern similar to find pattern1
  • Regex find groups are available as substitution variables using syntax like %pattern2%cli_pattern2_1%%pattern2%cli_pattern2_2%, etc ...
MessageValidator error message and workflow property value
  • If validator fails (action fails or one of the find patterns do not match), this error message will be shown as a transition error
  • Use text and substitution variables to construct a reasonable message
  • For both validators and post functions, this message is passed as a workflow property for access in subsequent CLI actions
NotesThis provides administrators an opportunity to better document this workflow function


Variable substitution

A variety of substitution variables are available to use in text parameters.

CategoryVariablesWhere UsedDiscussion
Issue special values







Action, Data, Message

Parent issue special values






Action, Data, MessageOnly available if issue is a subtask
Issue field values%fieldname%Action, Data, Message

Any JIRA defined field name.

Like summary, description, environment, issueType, priority, resolution, versions, fixVersions, components, duedate, reporter, assignee, timetracking, id

Issue custom field values%customfieldname%Action, Data, MessageIssue specific custom field name
CLI values




Action, Data, Message

URL of this JIRA instance - useful for local JIRA actions

Message field from last run CLI action validator

Message field from last run CLI post function

Action result%cli_message%MessageResult message from running the CLI action
Pattern replacements




Regex group value from evaluating find pattern1 or pattern2.

n represents the regex group number (1, 2, ...) - equivalent of $n substitution in other regex based usage.