The CSV (Comma Separated Values) macro can import, format, and display comma-separated values (CSV) data from anywhere, by:

CSV is not a formal standard, but the best reference is The Comma Separated Value (CSV) File Format. The support in this macro comes close to mirroring this pseudo-standard. This macro supports certain common table capabilities with the other macros in this app and also other Bob Swift Atlassian apps.

Basic use

This macro can be added to a page using any of the following methods:

Selected from the macro browserAdvanced Tables - CSV Table
Markup shortcut (Old editor){csv}
Markup shortcut (New editor - case insensitive)/CSV (Comma Separated Values)


Macro specific parameters

Macro Editor LabelDefaultDescriptionMacro Parameter
Output formathtml

Specify how the output is formatted. The options are as follows:

  • html - data is entered as standard HTML directly in the macro body.
  • wiki - data in the table rendered using the wiki renderer.
Augments to data row values
Enter a comma separated list of augments to the data row values, one for each column. Specify double quotes for values with a comma. See Augments for details.augments
Augments to heading row values
Enter a comma separated list of augments to heading row values, one for each column. See Augments for details.headingAugments
Augments to footing row values
Enter a comma separated list of augments to footing row values, one for each column. See Augments for details.footingAugments
Delimiter that separates columns, (Comma)Enter a delimiter to be used to separate column values when the table is downloaded or exported. The characters that can be used as delimiters are:
  • , or "," (comma) - Default column separator.
  • whitespace - Blanks, tabs, and other white space are used to separate columns.
  • tab - A single tab character is used to separate columns.
  • blanks - Blank or blanks only.
  • pipe - A single pipe (|) character is used to separate columns.
  • other single character delimiter - can be within double quotes with some restrictions. Examples: ";", "=".
Show wikifalseEnable this option to show a non-formatted version of the wiki table following the formatted table. This is used to help resolve formatting issues. It can also be used to convert CSV to Confluence markup by cut and paste.showWiki
Escape special characters in wiki markupfalseEnable this option to allow few special characters to be escaped so that the formatting is unaffected. When wiki output is requested (Output format is set to wiki), some special characters (like '|', '[', ']', '{', '}') in data can cause undesirable formatting of the table. By default, data that has wiki markup is  rendered correctly.escape
Location of CSV datamacro body

Specifies the list of options where CSV data is located. The included data follows the body data based on the location selected. The options are:

  • blank - Data is read from the contents in the macro body.
  • ^attachment - Data is read from an attachment that is available on the current page.
  • page^attachment - Data is read from an attachment available on the specified page in the current space.
  • space:page^attachment - Data is read from an attachment available on the specified page in a different space.
URL to CSV data
Enter the URL containing the required CSV files that are to be rendered. If specified, the included data follows the body and script data.url
URL user
Enter the user name for URL access via basic authentication.user
URL user password
Enter the password for URL access via basic authentication.password
URL connection timeout (milliseconds)
Enter time in milliseconds such that URL connections do not timeout before getting data. Use this to increase time needed for slow connections. Note that if a zero is given the connection may wait infinitely.timeout
Quote characterdoubleSpecify the character used to represent quoted data. Quoted data may contain delimiters or new lines. Quote character data must be doubled inside a quoted string.
  • double - Double quote character: "
  • single - Single quote character: '
File encodingSystem defaultSpecify the encoding for an external file, if different from the Confluence default (like Windows-1252, UTF-8, MacRoman)Refer to this article for more information. Example: UTF-8.encoding
Ignore trailing blank rowstrueDisable this option to show blank rows. A row is considered blank if all the columns selected by the Columns to show parameter are blank.ignoreTrailingBlankRows
Render wiki markup macros in bodyfalseEnable this option to render wiki markup macros found in the body prior to processing as CSV. This is useful to run macros from apps such as Scripting for Confluence, Run CLI Actions in Confluence, SQL for Confluence, or similar, that can produce CSV output.macros

Common parameters


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