Release date: 2020-01-05

Our team is excited to announce the release of Run Self-Service Reports for Confluence, version 6.2.

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Compatible Confluence versions: 6.13.0 and above

Quick tip
Did you know regular expressions can be used with the macros? Refer to this article for more information.

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Validate individual fields with regular expressions

A new field, Validate, is now available for users to validate individual fields before saving the macro settings. Select the Validate option on adding a field in the macro editor to enable the Regular expression, Error message, and Help text fields. Specify a regular expression as the validation rule, an error message to be displayed if the field value and the expression do not match, and the help text to be displayed that describes the validation requirements. The validation is available for the following field types:

  • Text

  • Password

  • Textarea

  • Date

  • Float

  • Integer

Added Allow JavaScript in Global Configuration

A new option, Allow JavaScript, is now available in Global Configuration. Administrators can use this option to control the usage of JavaScript in any of the Run Self-Service Reports for Confluence macros. If the option is toggled off and JavaScript is still given in a macro, the relevant warning messages are displayed to the user. 

Resolved issues


Thank you our valuable customers!

We want to thank you, our incredible, supportive customers, for using our apps. You have provided great feedback and want you to know that you truly are the reason why we build software!

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  • Validate individual fields with regular expressions

  • Added Allow JavaScript in Global Configuration