This page provides information about an individual release of the Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) family of add-ons.
More release notes for additional versions of this product are available on the Release Notes page.

NEW! We have released a number of educational slide shows covering different topics for the Atlassian CLI.
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Release Highlights

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  • All Clients
    • ACLI command builder - included with installer based installations
    • Installer improvements especially related to upgrades
    • Option for JSON output to be prettified
  • Jira, Agile, Service Desk, Tempo
    • Better permission handling for copyIssue and cloneIssue
    • Support @self for assignee and reporter fields
    • Improved replacement variables for issues and projects
  • Confluence
    • Test and support Confluence 7.9
    • Support space status on space related actions
  • Bamboo
    • Test and support Bamboo 7.2 
    • New copyVariables action
    • Support YAML on exportPlan action
  • Slack
    • New getMessage, removeMessage, updateMessage actions
    • New runFromChannelHistoryList action
    • getChannelHistoryList improvements including adding filtering based on date and content blocks
    • Improved replacement variable values for message actions
    • Improved autoSplit and markdown code support for longer messages
  • Docker image improvements
  • Fixes

With the Atlassian CLI v9.5, the Bob Swift team introduces Command Builder - a new text-based UI that helps you discover actions and build commands faster. Watch the 9.5 What's New video to learn more about the release. 

You can read more about how Command Builder works here. To learn more about action logging, please review this action logging documentation.