The Atlassian command line interface (CLI) provides a convenient way to quickly do tasks, implement business processes, or general automation with your Atlassian products. The Atlassian CLI distribution makes it convenient to have a single installation to access all your Atlassian products.

The distribution contains a number of clients. Each Atlassian product has unique client with actions specific to the product. This site provides documentation for each product specific client including a version specific archive. See Action Reference for the complete list. The documentation includes an action reference for each product specific client. Similarly, there is an example log of hundreds of actions produced as part of our integration testing process. Also, every client comes with standard help text displayed by the default command or usingĀ --help. Action specific help is also available from the command line by typing the specific action and adding --help.

All CLI client tools have standard interfaces, protocols, and implementations.

All CLIs are dependent on the Atlassian products implementing remote interfaces for the capabilities needed remotely. Atlassian provides extensive remote API support across their products. However, Atlassian product enhancements may be needed before a specific capability can be exposed in the CLI. Raise product issues or vote for existing remote API enhancement requests

The Atlassian CLI is licensed software - see Atlassian CLI License.


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