With 3.0.0 and later, the license terms for all the CLI products have changed to a commercial license. See Atlassian CLI license for details.

This release focused on expanding JIRA and Confluence support, cross product improvements, and covering new product releases. This is a simultaneous release of all CLI clients except for the Crowd Command Line Interface (CLI) - see note. The Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) distribution contains current CLI clients plus the atlassian script and additional examples and help text shipped with the distribution.

Run CLI Actions add-ons

There is now a family of Run CLI Actions add-ons supporting Atlassian CLI actions from within Confluence, JIRA, and Bamboo to enable tight integration of Atlassian products in new ways! This compliments (but should not be confused with) the original ACLI clients.

All Run CLI Actions add-ons bundle all the Atlassian CLI capabilities within the add-on for easy UPM based upgrades.

Note that Atlassian CLI from a client does not require the installation of these add-ons! The add-on provide additional capabilities.

Highlights of Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) 3.1

Run CLI Actions add-ons' Improvements

All Run CLI Actions add-ons have been updated to 3.1.0. In addition, there are add-on specific improvements.

Common Improvements

JIRA Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

There is a significant performance improvement for getIssueList and runFromIssueList with this release.

Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

Bamboo Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

Crucible Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements


FishEye Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements