This release adds a new client to the family - introducing the Bitbucket Command Line Interface (CLI)! Support for Atlassian Stash® including:

  1. User and group management
  2. Projects and project permissions
  3. Repositories
  4. Pull requests
  5. Branches
  6. SSH key management

This release also has major improvements for JIRA and Confluence support, cross product improvements, and covers new product releases.

This is a simultaneous release of all CLI clients and Run CLI Actions add-ons. The Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) distribution contains current CLI clients plus the atlassian script and additional examples and help text shipped with the distribution.


Run CLI Actions add-ons

There is now a family of Run CLI Actions sdd-ons supporting Atlassian CLI actions from within Confluence, JIRA, and Bamboo to enable tight integration of Atlassian products in new ways! This compliments (but should not be confused with) the original ACLI clients.

All Run CLI Actions add-ons bundle all the Atlassian CLI capabilities within the add-on for easy UPM based upgrades.

Note that Atlassian CLI from a client does not require the installation of these add-ons! The add-ons provide additional capabilities.

With 3.0.0 and later, the license terms for all the CLI products have changed to a commercial license. See Atlassian CLI License for details.

Highlights of Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) 3.2

Introducing: Stash Command Line Interface (CLI)

A consistent CLI implementation supporting the major remote REST APIs provided by Stash. This is the initial release. We encourage feedback to ensure future improvements are prioritized to best meet your needs. This is released as 3.2.0 to be consistent with all the CLI client release naming conventions. Thanks go out to Adam Parkin for his requirements and suggestions.

GINT - Groovy Integration Test Framework has been updated to support Stash - see release 1.8.0


Run CLI Actions add-ons' Improvements

Support for new Bitbucket Command Line Interface (CLI). All CLI add-ons have been updated to 3.2. In addition, there are add-on specific improvements.

Common Improvements

In addition to supporting the new Bitbucket Command Line Interface (CLI) in the Atlassian CLI distribution, a major improvement was made in process automation of the delivery of CLI releases and snapshots.

  1. Improved automated updates of documentation, examples, and help text. Documentation has been automatically generated for many releases and automatically uploaded using the Confluence Command Line Interface to a staging area. Later it was copied to this site. Now, updates go directly from the Bamboo build process to this site. This now includes SNAPSHOT documentation. SNAPSHOT documentation is located in the CLI specific Version archive section.
  2. CLI client SNAPSHOT delivery has been automated using the Run CLI Actions in Bamboo so that all CLI distributions are uploaded to this site for every build that passes all integration tests. This makes the latest and greatest improvements and fixes available more quickly! This includes all the corresponding documentation. Snapshots are work in progress and may contain incomplete improvements. Refer to the JIRA items for more information on the content of the snapshot release.
  3. Run CLI Actions add-ons' SNAPSHOT delivery has been automated using Run CLI Actions in Bamboo so that these add-ons can be updated with last CLI client support and other improvements. Add-on snapshots will be uploaded to this site for every build that passes all integration tests for all the CLI clients and the Run CLI Actions add-ons.

JIRA Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

There is a significant performance improvement for getIssueList and runFromIssueList with this release.

Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

Bamboo Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

Crucible Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements


FishEye Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements