Highlights of Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) 3.4


New Run CLI Actions in Stash add-on for Stash

Stash repository hooks can now drive automation with other Atlassian products. See Run CLI Actions in Bitbucket for more information.

Add-on will be available to the public once approved.



New Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) client

For some advanced scenarios, it is helpful to be able to run multiple product actions as part of a single action script. The Atlassian (or all) client provides this capability.

all --action run --file run.txt --quiet 
jira       --action getServerInfo --server http://jira.example.com
confluence --action getServerInfo --server http://confluence.example.com
bamboo     --action getServerInfo --server http://bamboo.example.com
stash      --action getServerInfo --server http://stash.example.com
crucible   --action getServerInfo --server http://crucible.example.com
JIRA version: 5.2, build: 812, time: 2013-04-26T08:42:25.341-0500, time zone: America/Chicago
Confluence version: 4.3.0, build: 3388, url: http://confluence.example.com
Bamboo version: 4.2.0, build: 3211, date: 2012-08-09T16:36:30.000-05:00
Stash version: 2.2.0, build: 2002000, date: 2/25/13 8:54 PM
Crucible version: 2.10.1, date: 2013-01-29
Run completed successfully. 5 actions were successful



CLI Add-on Improvements

  1. All CLI add-ons have been updated to 3.4. In addition, there are add-on specific improvements.
  2. Run CLI Actions in Confluence macros are now Confluence 4.x/5.x native macros.
    1. Macro browser support
    2. Include-remote macro now works with Confluence 4.x/5.x systems.



Common Improvements



JIRA CLI Improvements



Confluence CLI Improvements



Bamboo CLI Improvements

Source repository actions added for task configuration.

  1. addRepository
  2. updateRepository
  3. removeRepository



Stash CLI Improvements

  1. New actions for build status including ability to notify Stash of a build result - setBuildStatus.
  2. New mergePullRequest action.
  3. Delete pull request renamed to declinePullRequest. A minor incompatibility to standardize terminology with Stash.