Highlights of Atlassian CLI 3.6


Support Latest Atlassian Releases

  1. JIRA 6.1 EAP
  2. Confluence 5.2
  3. Bamboo 5.0 - 5.1
  4. Stash 2.5 - 2.7



New JIRA Actions

  1. getIssueHistoryList - get a csv file of the change history for an issue
  2. getProjectCategoryList and other project category support
  3. getIssueTypeList



Markdown Conversion for Confluence Content

markdown option added to Confluence CLI to allow automatic conversion of Markdown content to Confluence native format. See CSOAP-203.



Bamboo deployment support

Run CLI Actions in Bamboo now supports Bamboo 5.x deployments.



CLI Plugin Improvements

All CLI plugins have been updated to 3.6. In addition, there are plugin specific improvements.



Common Improvements



JIRA CLI Improvements



Confluence CLI Improvements



Bamboo CLI Improvements



Stash CLI Improvements




Crucible and FishEye CLI Improvements