Highlights of Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) 3.7


Support Latest Atlassian Releases

  1. JIRA 6.1
  2. Confluence 5.3
  3. Bamboo 5.2
  4. Crucible 3.1
  5. FishEye 3.1
  6. Stash 2.8



Major Improvements for the Run CLI Actions in JIRA add-on

This was also available in a 3.6.1 add-on release.



JIRA Command Line Interface (CLI) improvements

  • New action: getStatusList
  • Support defaultAssignee on addComponent and updateComponent
  • Custom field names now available for non-administrators
  • Other fixes and improvements



Confluence Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements

  • New action: addUserPicture
  • Move pages to a different space
  • Other fixes and improvements



Run CLI Actions add-ons' Improvements

All Run CLI Actions add-ons have been updated to 3.7. In addition, there are add-on specific improvements.



Common Improvements

  • New run_date substitution variable on run like commands



Bamboo Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements



Stash Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements




Crucible and FishEye Command Line Interface (CLI) Improvements