Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) is a family of products that provide a broad range of automation capabilities for Atlassian server products. The features range from simple actions to quickly accomplish tasks to very advanced capabilities to help administrators save time and deal with difficult application management issues. Getting started can be intimidating with all the actions that are possible and some of the environmental conditions that are required. The recommendation is to start with simple things first and experiment with some of the advanced features so you have a basic understanding of the tool's capabilities prior to the business problem that requires urgent reaction (wink).



  1. An Administrator needs to install the application specific app on the application instance - see Server or Cloud Installation.
  2. Install the client on a local system - see CLI Client Installation and Use.


Client Download

Atlassian CLI distribution contains all of the application specific clients and example start scripts for customization.

Action ReferenceEach CLI client has its own documentation space including product specific action reference and archived versions of the documentation for specific older CLI versions. 
ExamplesAll clients have automatically generated example pages and all are linked from the action reference page.
What is the difference between CLI clients and Run CLI apps?This article helps you understand all the family members and their different capabilities.