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This applies to all versions of Advanced Tables for Confluence and other sorting enabled macros. However, for plugin versions 6.x and above, better support is available using the M column type. The D column type remains available for compatibility. See Advanced Date Sorting for more details.

The default date handling (using the D column type) provides support for the browser default date format. This may not work properly for columns that have a date format that is different than the default format set for individual browsers. More advanced and automatic capabilities are possible provided your administrator has provided an extension that supports this. 

Advanced data handling capabilities can be made available by installing a specific date handling library. Documentation and source for the library can be found at JavaScript Toolbox. Install the date.js file on your Confluence server in <confluence-installation-directory>/confluence/includes/js directory. Note that the default date library is in English for date formats that include characters. It is possible to easily modify the date library for other languages before installing it on your server.


If this support is available on your installation:

  1. Specify the D column type on the columnTypes parameter. This will automatically match successfully on many popular standard date formats. 
  2. For more unique date formats, specify the D column type followed by a valid date format

Date formats that contain a comma (,), must be enclosed in a double quote.

Date Format Examples


Column type

Example date

DBrowser default handling


Column type

Example date


Many popular date formats



D"MMM d, yyyy"

Jan 8, 2008