With 3.6 of Create on Transition for Jira, there are now two ways to copy a custom field value to a different custom field. The new way provides the ability to do this for more fields than before.

For this example lets say you want to copy the value of source_cf to target_cf for the newly created issue of subtask.

Using "Set custom field"

  1. Find one of the Set custom field parameters.
  2. Put the name or id of the target custom field (the one to be set) in the first field. target_cf in this example.
  3. Use the substitution variable syntax to specify the second field (values field). %source_cf% in this example.

This is the easiest approach provided you have enough Set custom field slots to use for your needs.

Using "Copy parent or original issue custom fields"

These fields normally just list custom fields you wish to copy to the new issue. This is the best way to copy fields exactly to the newly created issue. As many fields as you like can be copied this way. However, it can also map the value from one field to a different field. This is useful when you have a significant number of fields to copy.

  1. Choose either the Copy parent issue custom fields or the Copy original issue custom fields parameter appropriate for your scenario.
  2. Remember this parameter is a comma separated list of names.
  3. To specify a mapping, use a name constructed from the 2 custom field names (or ids) separated by a colon (:). Use source_cf:target_cf in this example. Use custom field ids if the names contain commas or colons.



Both Set custom field and the mapping support provided in the Copy case map be impacted by custom field type specific peculiarities since both techniques use string values for setting the field. See Custom Field Types for a list of known supported types.