This page provides information about an individual release of the Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI) family of add-ons.
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Release Highlights

Release Date2019-10-03


  • All Clients
  • Jira, Agile, Service Desk, Tempo
    • New permission actions for adding and removing permissions to schemes
    • Easier to use options for setting custom fields on createIssue and updateIssue
    • Performance improvement for getIssueLIst and related actions 
    • Better user default for Cloud
    • Allow setting project location on createBoard
    • More replacement variables on user actions
    • Better default user for Cloud
  • Confluence
    • Important fix and improvement for restoreExport action 
    • Better user default for Cloud
    • More replacement variables on user actions
    • Better default user for Cloud
  • Bamboo
    • New createPlan options to reduce script elements and provided significant performance improvements
      • New option to automatically add a standard stage and job - high performance creates!!!
      • New repository parameter on createPlan
    • New moveJob action to move a job within a plan
    • New removeBuildArtifacts action 
    • New autoGroup parameter
    • addJob support isolation type (agent or docker) 
    • Support required artifact setting on addArtifact
    • Make job parameter optional on removeArtifact
    • Add stage and job information to getPlan 
  • Fixes