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This page demonstrates how to use the Attachment Table macro, which is part of the Advanced Tables for Confluence app, along with the Attachments macro. 

The Attachment Table macro doesn't support an option to include a drag and drop area like when using the Attachments macro. However, this can still be accomplished on a page by using a combination of the Attachment Table macro and the Attachments macro. The drag and drop area is a convenient way to add attachments to the existing page.


Add the Attachment Table macro to the page like normalSpecify optional parameters
Add a Table Plus macro after the Attachment Table
Select 'Hide the column (H)' as the Column type parameter for the first three columns by navigating to Column settings > Formatting > Start formatting in the Table Plus macro.This will hide 3 columns of any table
Inside the Table Plus macro, add an Attachments macro
Specify selection criteria on the Attachments macro that is unlikely to be metExample: Attachment Labels = xxxxxxxxxx
Ensure Allow upload is checked on the Attachments macro

Example Result

Live Example

(info) This example is limited by the fact that most viewers of this page do not have permission to add attachments (sad). So, no drag and drop area will be shown. See the image that follows instead.

Example screenshot showing the drag and drop area

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