Atlassian Command Line Interface (CLI)

Automate, Integrate, Migrate: Everything!

The Atlassian Command Line Interface (ACLI) uses simple, text-based commands to convert lengthy manual tasks to powerful, automated actions. This means you get the job done faster with less manual effort — a win-win for you and your team. There is an ever-growing list of apps that you can command and endless ways to automate tasks, integrate apps, and migrate (import and export) data.

What is a CLI? 

A command line interface (or CLI) is a text-based interface (API) for an application. Command Lines provide a concise and powerful way to interact with an application. Applications with command line interfaces can be automated via scripting. 

Atlassian CLI (ACLI) is an integrated family of CLIs for Atlassian and Atlassian-related applications.

ACLI provide a consistent and reliable automation platform that allows users, administrators, script writers, and DevOps developers to do tasks, implement business processes, or general automation with Atlassian products.

CLIs are built on the Atlassian remote APIs and deliver a higher level, client based API that is easier to use and more powerful than the underlying product APIs.

NEW: ACLI Master Class

Atlassian CLI Master Class 

Use the CLI master class and all the hands-on training that it offers to become an expert in the Atlassian Command Line Interface (ACLI).


This ACLI app provides a family of command line interface (CLI) clients for remotely accessing Atlassian products. CLIs are a convenient way to automate administration tasks and content, such as build, test automation or other business processes. This client tool runs on any system (Windows, Linux, MacOS) with Java and can access any number of local or remote Atlassian products like Jira, Jira Software (Agile), Jira Service Management (JSM), Confluence, Bamboo, Bitbucket, Slack, and Trello.

Included with the ACLI app is the ACLI Shell - a new, modern terminal app to help new users discover ACLI capabilities and increase productivity for more experienced users by providing guided action construction with dynamic prompting on parameters and values. 

The ACLI app can be installed on a local system using platform installers for Windows, Linux, and MacOS or zip distributions. Also available as a Docker image.

Product documentation

Related Suite of Tools

  • Some Atlassian CLI clients require a connector app be installed on the Atlassian application that is intended to be accessed. Connector app installation must be done by a system administrator.
  • The Atlassian CLI is not just a powerful client based interface, but is also available as an embedded service in Run CLI apps and other apps! Run CLI app installation must be done by a system administrator.

Connector Apps

Run CLI Actions

    • Provides a connection between clients included in the Atlassian CLI app and their corresponding Atlassian application instance. 
    • A system administrator must install and license a connector in order for a client to run actions for the application instance.
  • All-in-one embedded solution.
    All the power of every CLI client —embedded in your Atlassian app.  
  • Execute CLI actions right within your Atlassian apps:
    • via workflow functions or UI in Jira
    • via macros in Confluence
  • Integrate and automate any CLI supported external app. 





  1. Bamboo is not available for Cloud.
  2. Bitbucket connector is not available for Cloud as the Bitbucket Cloud client does not need a connector.

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