Command Builder


With the Atlassian CLI v9.5, the Bob Swift team introduces Command Builder - a new text-based UI that provides prompts, helps discover actions, walks through available parameters, completes content, and creates a ready-to-run command.

Watch this quick What's New video to learn more or dive right in by following the instructions below.

How it works

In this example, we're going to use the Command Builder to create a command that will help us add a group "Board Admins" as board administrators to a board titled "My Board."

On the command line, run the command aclibuilder. Command Builder will display help:

Capabilities of the Command Builder are organized in topics. Topics have three tiers:

Clients → Categories → Actions

Adding a client topic on the command line (aclibuilder agile) displays the action categories for that topic:

Actions for the category can be listed by adding the category name to the end of the client name separated by ":" (aclibuilder agile:boards):

To start building an ACLI command add the desired action to the command (aclibuilder agile:boards:addBoardAdministrators):

The purple text explains the required parameters you must provide in order to run the addBoardAdministrators action. In this case, the required parameters are "(board or id), (userId or group)". 

This is read as: Select the board or id parameter as well as the userId or group parameter.

Use the arrow keys to highlight each parameter and press return or enter to select it.

Once selected the Command Builder prompts for the parameter value. Press return or enter to save the value.

While selecting parameters and providing values the Command Builder displays a preview of the command being built and removes parameters already selected (excluding parameters that can be specified multiple times):

The Command Builder will continue to present required and optional parameters to select until all parameters are provided or the esc key is pressed to stop selecting parameters. The Command Builder then presents the complete command and prompts to copy the command to the clipboard. Pressing "Y" or return or enter will copy the command to the clipboard.

Once copied, the command can be pasted to the command line or a script file for executing when needed.

And that's it! Congrats, you just built your first command with the Command Builder.