Downloads - Early Access Program (EAP)

  • Pre-release SNAPSHOTS are work in progress used to gather feedback and deliver fixes prior to a production release
  • SNAPSHOT releases are automatically uploaded to this site (using the Confluence CLI) as they become available in our build and QA process.
  • SNAPSHOT releases are built and pass regression tests just like a regular release, however, new or improved capabilities may not be complete or have stable interfaces
  • More details are available from Early Access Program.

Current EAP Information: Release Notes 10.3

sha256 files

See Verify ZIP Downloads With SHA256 for more information.

Users on ACLI 9.9.0 or higher have a simple way to get the latest EAP - only NEW is recommended for 10.3 at this time

  • Mac or Linux:  acli -a updateInstallation --type eap or use the ACLI Shell's slash command: /updates eap use
    • This updates your current installation to the latest EAP
  • Windows:  acli -a updateInstallation --type new or use the ACLI Shell's slash command: /updates eap new
    • Windows only supports creating a new installation with the latest EAP

EAP Client

EAP Installers and Platform Specific Distributions

  • AMD64 is for Intel/AMD processors, ARM64 is for Apple Silicon (M1)

Recommended.  Installers create a platform specific installation not requiring Java. 

Platform specific distributions contain executable apps not requiring Java.


EAP CLI Connector Apps

Unless noted otherwise, the EAP SNAPSHOT client will work fine with the previous version's CLI Connector.

EAP Run CLI Server Apps

EAP Docker Image

  • Atlassian CLI on Docker Hub - Use the eap tag - it usually represents the latest EAP available within a day of its release. If you have already retrieved an eap once, make sure to pull the repo directly (docker pull bobswiftapps/acli:eapnext time to ensure your local docker cache is up to date.