ACLI Distributions

ACLI is primarily a Java application. Historically, ACLI had a single distribution that contained the ACLI jar that required users to separately install a Java JRE to use. Much has changed over the years including the addition of the ACLI Shell - a high performance, platform specific, terminal app. Now we provide a variety of distributions to match various needs.

  1. Platform independent (generic) distribution - this contains the ACLI jar, multiple ACLI shell apps for all OS platforms we support, and start scripts for Windows and Linux/MacOS

  2. Platform specific distributions - these contain a platform optimized ACLI app (using GraalVM™), the platform specific shell terminal app, and platform specific start script. Note: this does not need a Java installation.

  3. Platform specific installers - installer app guides user through installing the platform specific ACLI distribution and helps do some initial ACLI configuration and installation verification steps.

  4. Docker images - Based on current LTS versions of Ubuntu and include a few additional tools especially helpful for pipelines and DevOps scenarios: git nano unzip.

    1. acli - ACLI optimized distribution for Linux/amd64

    2. acli-jre - ACLI optimized distribution (Linux/amd64) including a Java 17 JRE from Eclipse Temurin

    3. acli-generic - ACLI platform independent (generic) distribution including a Java 17 JRE from Eclipse Temurin

Supported Platforms

The platform independent distribution will run the ACLI jar on any platform that has a Java 11 JRE. However, Appfire only officially supports ACLI running in standard environments:

  1. Windows on amd64 (Intel and AMD processors)

  2. Linux on amd64 (Intel and AMD processors)

  3. MacOS on amd64 (Intel)

  4. MacOS on arm64 (Apple Silicon/M1/M2)

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