Atlassian CLI Start Script


This ONLY applies to versions 8.8 and lower. New configuration support is available in Version 9.0 and higher that eliminates the complexity of this start script.


The atlassian script is a more powerful script to use in place of product specific scripts (like and and provides a consistent way to access multiple CLIs and servers.

Customization Steps

1Find the example script
  • Look for an example atlassian.bat (Windows) or (Linux, OSX) in the CLI installation directory 
2Open in an editor
  • See the comments for customization instructions
3Add an entry for each Atlassian server or CLI you want to use
  • Use the entry that specific to the server product
  • Name it something convenient for you to remember - usually the same as the instance is normally referred to in your organization


  • Consider adding the installation directory to your path
  • Makes it easier to use

Optional for Linux or OSX

  • Copy or rename to atlassian

Best Practice

This is what we follow internally to minimize maintenance for upgrades:

  • Follow the CLI installation naming convention as indicated in the example script
  • Put your customized atlassian script in a directory on your path
  • Put a soft link to the atlassian script in each CLI installation directory
    • This makes it possible to extract the correct CLI version for your script automatically


  • Make sure the current directory (.) is on your path
  • On upgrades, copy the atlassian file to the new installation
    • Edit the file and find/replace the version if necessary
atlassian my-jira --action getServerInfo
atlassian my-confluence --action getServerInfo
atlassian my-bamboo --action getServerInfo
atlassian my-stash --action getServerInfo